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5 Arguments Debaters Love But That Really Make No Sense by Anne-Marie Hwang and Noah Simon

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Why VBI: Mentors for All

Why VBI: Philosophy

PV Peninsula Closes Out College Prep

Davis Labarre Wins Strake Jesuit

Graham Baker Wins Blake

VBI Financial Aid Form

Jake Nebel on Specifying "Just Governments"

New Rankings: Every Round Counts

New Briefs Released

Announcing the First Wave of VBI 2015 Hires!

Bennett Eckert Wins Isidore Newman

Christian Quiroz Wins the 2014 Ridge Debates

Millard North Closes Out Dowling Catholic

Sophia Helland Wins the San Diego Winter Classic

2014 Princeton Classic: Mandel vs. Laufer

Exclusivity in Debate by Aisha Bawany

Westwood Closes Out 2014 UT Longhorn Classic

Annie Gersh Wins Alta

Announcing the Sunvitational Round Robin Field

The Importance of Methods Debate in LD

Jan/Feb LD: Living Wage

January PF Topic: Offensive Peacekeeping Operations

Should T be a Voting Issue? by Jake Nebel

Drillin’ Like a Villain: How to Get Better At Debate by Danny DeBois

The Right to Forget a Topic & Other Adventures In Debate Pedagogy by Stephen Babb

Pranav Reddy Wins the 2014 Glenbrooks

Three Locations, One VBI

Accepting Our Differences by Jonathan Wei

Isis Davis-Marks and Adegoke Fakorede Co-Champion Bump

Protecting All of the Children in the Auditorium – Part 2 - by Jonathan Alston, Anthony Berryhill, and Aaron Timmons

Rebecca Gelfer Wins the Minneapple Round Robin

The Hell 1AR: How to Win Rounds You Shouldn’t Have by Akhil Jalan

Michael Bogaty Wins the 2014 Minneapple

Arjun Tambe Wins the 2014 Damus Hollywood Invitational

In Plain Sight by Noah Simon

Registration for VBI 2015 is Now Open!

Varun Bhave Wins the 2014 Meadows Invitational

Derek Brown Wins the 2014 Florida Blue Key

Debate History (Part I) by Adam Tomasi

The Harms of Pre-emptive Argumentation by Dan Alessandro

Announcing the Participants in the 1st Annual Minneapple Round Robin

The Argument for Inclusion: Fostering Agonism in Debate By Rodrigo Paramo and Varad Agarwala

Amos Jeng Wins the 2014 Capitol Beltway Fall Classic

Trent Gilbert Wins the 2014 Iowa Caucus

Announcing VBI 2015 Dates and Locations

Evidence Ethics in LD Debate: A Proposal by Akhil Gandra and Arjun Tambe

Fairness vs. Critical Arguments by Shrey Desai

PV Peninsula Closes Out St. Marks

Varun Bhave Wins the 2014 New York City Invitational

David Branse Wins the 2014 Bronx Round Robin

Announcing New Victory Briefs Writing Fellows!

November-December LD Briefs and November PF Briefs are now Available

Varun Bhave Wins Voices

David Branse Wins Crestian, Jake Steirn Wins the Crestian RR

Sean Fahey Wins the 2014 St. James Invitational

Harvard-Westlake Closes Out the 2014 Voices Round Robin

Bronx Round Robin Field Announced

Call for Responses to "Protecting All of the Children in the Auditorium"

Voices Round Robin Pods Announced

Sign the Pledge for Online Civility

Protecting All of the Children in the Auditorium by Jonathan Alston, Anthony Berryhill, and Aaron Timmons

West High School's Kathy Liu wins Young Lawyers

Intuitions and Intervention

Valley 2014 Videos

Nov/Dec LD Topic: Right to be Forgotten

November PF Topic: Genetically Modified Foods

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Carlos Taylor Wins the 2014 Mid-America Cup

Varun Bhave Wins the Valley Round Robin; Richard Cook Wins the Sophomore Throw-Down

3 Tips for Those Starting Circuit Tournaments

Introducing the File Marketplace

Greenhill Round Robin 2014 Videos

Greenhill 2014 Videos

Swing and a Miss (Part 1): Silly Things Debaters Believe about Theory for No Reason by Leah Shapiro and Christian Tarsney

SunHee Simon Wins the 2014 Greenhill Fall Classic

David Branse Wins the 2014 Yale Invitational

Arjun Tambe Wins the 2014 Greenhill Round Robin

Live Coverage: 2014 Greenhill Round Robin

Gearing up for Greenhill: An Interview with 2013 Champion, Shania Hunt

Greenhill Round Robin Pods Announced

Grapevine 2014 Videos

What Was the NSDA LD Wording Committee Thinking?

Pranav Reddy Tops National Debate Rankings, Brentwood Top Squad

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Bid List 2014-2015 Season

Akhil Jalan Wins the 2014 Loyola Invitational

Akhil Gandra Wins the 2014 Grapevine Classic

Adam Tomasi Wins 2014 Wake Forest University Earlybird!

In Defense of Tournament-Required Disclosure

2014 Greenhill Round Robin Field

Talking Topics: An Interview With Dan Meyers

Bennett Eckert wins the Plano Senior Fall Classic

2014/2015 NDCA Case Wikis Are Up

Drop the Argument, not the Debater

George Mason Univ Hosting "First Annual Celebration of Women in Debate Tournament" (CEDA)

What tournament will you be attending (weekend of Sept 13)?

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Poll Results: Access to Journals

Heart of Texas Open for Registration

Do you have access to the academic journals you need for debate?

The Scope of Fiat: A Response to O'Krent by Jacob Nails

Minneapple Registration Open and Announcing the 1st Annual Minneapple Round Robin

Ethical Frameworks, Fiat, and Advocacy By Michael O’Krent

Announcing: Briefly Feeds

Danny Debois on Aff Case Ideas

Reintroducing the Exchange

Comment Policy

Organ Procurement- An Annotated Bibliography

Voices registration now open

Valley Round Robin and Throw-Down Participants Announced

Sept/Oct 2014 LD topic is organ procurement, PF is Sports Subsidies

Victor says farewell, Chris and Jake take the helm of Victory Briefs

New Framework File Resource – Introducing The Value Criterion

Camper of the Day: Akhil Jalan

Camper of the Day: Aashima Garg

Camper of the Day: Megan Chang

Arjun Tambe Wins the VBI Chicago Camp Tournament

Lawrence Zhou is NSDA National Champion

Lincoln-Douglas & Public Forum Topic Analysis Books

How To Maximize Improvement at Debate Camp

Frontline Documentary on NSA Surveillance

Debate on State Surveillance: Greenwald/Ohanian vs Hayden/Dershowitz

“Nobody Knows the Trouble I See” (And In National Circuit Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Does Anyone Really Care?)

Danny DeBois Wins the Tournament of Champions

Pre-Fiat in LD: A Defense of "Kritikal" Engagement

NDCA Results Available; Top Honors to Kors, Quiroz, Prasad & Reddy

Pranav Reddy Wins the 2014 NDCA Championships

VBI Family: Interview with Ellen Noble

Hockaday Seeks to Hire Assistant Director of Debate and Forensics

Accepted TOC At-Large Entries 2014

Georgetown Wins the NDT

Affirmative Debaters Are Sabotaging Themselves

Chris Kymn Wins The Kandi King Round Robin

VBI Family: Interview with David McNeil

Register for CDI 2014!

VBI Family: Interview with Karlyn Gorski

Answering Common Theory Spikes: Part II

VBI Family: Interview with Ryan Davis

Bennett Eckert Wins TFA State

Women in Debate Update: Part II

Apple Valley Seeks Director of Debate/ Director of Forensics

Has Science Killed Philosophy?

Chris Kymn Wins the 2014 USC Tournament

Valley Seeks Nominations for Sophomore Throw-Down

VBI Family: Interview with Neil Conrad

A Love Letter to Debate: Pre-Fiat Positions and the Difficulties of Discussing Race and Privilege

Debating and Defending Global Warming

Hockaday School Seeking Full-Time Director of Debate and Forensic Activties

Answering Common Theory Spikes: Part I

Embracing Difference: The Role of Role of the Ballot Arguments

Pranav Reddy and Shania Hunt are Co-Champions of the California Round Robin

10 Research Tips for Debaters

Danny Debois Wins Harvard 2014

Pranav Reddy Wins the 2014 Berkeley Tournament

Danny DeBois wins the 2014 Harvard Round Robin

VBI Family: Interview with Tara Norris

Quick Links -- China, Evidence Comparison, REDD+, Free Will, and Much More!

3 Things Debaters Can Learn From Thinking Like a Policymaker

Live from Stanford

VBI Family: Interview with Todd Liipfert

Woodward Registration Open

Quick Links -- Publication Bias, Fracking, Deadly Tournaments, and More!

Harvard Round Robin Pods Announced

Pranav Reddy Wins Golden Desert

Varad Agarwala Wins Colleyville Heritage

VBI Family: Interview with David Wolfish

Topicality, Implementation, and What We Ought to Prioritize

Effective Topical Limits

Akhil Jalan Wins the Barkley Forum

Safe Spaces in Debate: The Importance of Their Continued Development

Where to Get Your Grub During Emory’s Barkley Forum

VBI Family: Interview with Noah Star

Faculty Focus: Christian Tarsney, Curriculum Director

The Recent Plague of Solvency Advocate Theory

Women in Debate Update: Part I

Adam Tomasi wins the Lexington Round Robin

Andrew O'Donohue wins Lexington

What Happened to Environmentalism Impacts?

(Re)Introducing the VB Forum

Andrew Urevig Repeats as Minnesota State Champion

Philosophy at VBI: Learn from the Best

Faculty Focus: Charlotte Lawrence

Competing Interpretations and Actual Abuse

VBI Family: Interview with Ben Sprung-Keyser

VBI Chicago Registration is Now Open

Jessica Levy wins the Sunvitational

Arun Sharma Wins the 2013 Churchill Classic

Argument Update: VBT

Bridging the Gap: Dealing with the Kritik

Population Ethics for the Development Topic

VBI 2014 Initial Hires

Travis Chen wins the 2014 VBT