Sitemap - 2017 - Victory Briefs

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Danielle Dosch Wins CPS

Strake Jesuit Closes Out the Strake RR

Brianna Aaron Wins Blake

Mission San Jose wins Blake

Rohith Mandavalli Wins Strake

Ishan Bhatt Wins Isidore Newman

Tori Qiu Wins Dowling

Daniel Lin and Evan Li Close Out Ridge

Millburn wins Princeton

Cinco Ranch Wins UT

Lindsey Perlman Wins Princeton

Chakra Jonnalagadda Wins UT

Immaculate Heart Closes Out Alta

Jan/Feb LD Topic is Plea Bargaining

January PF Topic is Catalonia

Two Cents: The January PF Topic Wordings

Brianna Aaron Wins the Glenbrooks RR

Brianna Aaron Wins the Glenbrooks

Strake Jesuit wins the Glenbrooks

VBI 2018 Dates and Locations Announced

Strake Wins Katy Taylor

Lindsey Williams Wins Central Valley

Alexandra Mork Wins Damus

Shruthi Krishnan Wins Apple Valley

Sarah Pierce Wins the Hockaday RR

Conal Thomas-McGinnis Wins Badgerland

Lindsey Perlman Wins Scarsdale

Whit Jackson Wins Meadows

Miami Beach Takes the Blue Key

Valley Closes Out Blue Key

Abhilash Datti Wins the Blue Key RR

Two Cents: The December PF Topic Wordings

Matthew Wylie Wins Heritage Hall

Jack Stern and Carolyn Zou Close Out Beltway

Greenhill Closes Out St. Marks

Mission San Jose Wins Big Bronx 48

Ariel Azbel Wins Bronx

Maya Arora Wins Saint James

Big Apple Round Robin Results

Introducing Victory Briefs Classroom

Frances Zhuang Wins the Presentation RR

Flaganan Wins Cypress Bay

Dougherty Valley Wins Presentation

Danielle Dosch Wins Presentation

Ethan Massa Wins Tradition

Ways to Strategically Use Framework Debate by Raffi Piliero

Eric Deng Wins CSU

Nueva Wins Harker

Altamont Wins Holy Cross

Nov/Dec LD Topic is Development Assistance

November PF Topic is Background Checks

Osmane Sanogo Wins Holy Cross

Two Cents: The November PF Topic Wordings

Muhammad Khattak Wins Valley

Animesh Joshi Wins the Valley Sophomore RR

Lindsey Perlman Wins the Valley RR

David Edwards Wins Laird Lewis

Danielle Dosch Wins Greenhill

Westwood Wins Laird Lewis

Millburn Wins Yale

David Min and Lindsey Perlman Co-Champion Yale

Shruthi Krishnan Wins the Greenhill Round Robin

Lincoln-Sudbury Wins UK Season Opener

Danielle Dosch Wins Loyola

Maya Arora Wins UK

Westwood Wins Grapevine

Shruthi Krishnan Wins Grapevine

Sekou Cisse Wins Byram Hills RR and Tournament

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Recorded LD Modules!

Reed Weiler Wins VBI LA2

Sept/Oct PF Topic is South Korea

Sept/Oct LD Topic is National Service

Sekou Cisse Wins VBI LA1

Andrew Chan and Alex Zhong Win VBI LA1

Ezra Shin and Joshua Bratt Win VBI Philly

Kenan Anderson Wins VBI Philly

Nova FK is the 2017 NSDA PF Champion

VBI 2017 PF Camp Topics Announced

VBI 2017 LD Camp Topics Announced

Natalie Schaller Wins NSDA Nationals

Lincoln Douglas Topics List for 2017-2018

LD Topic Committee Updates (6/21 12:50)

LD Committee Releases Initial Topics for 2017-2018, Seeks Input

Curricular Components 6: 3 Week Sessions

Technology Thoughts 1: Some Free Programs

Musings on Methodology 1: Curricular Selection Bias

Matt and Zubin on the importance of debate camp and LA Session 1

Maya Arora Wins NCFLs

Desoto Central Wins The 2017 NCFL

Curricular Components 5: Supplementary Student-Staff Interaction

Preparing for Nationals: An Interview with 2 National Champions

Academic Articles 3: Laptop Use

Academic Articles 2: Interleaved Practice

Curricular Components 4: Student Clubs

Words of Wisdom 3: The Methods on Motivation

Insights In Instruction

Gold Public Forum Qualifying Tournaments 2017-18

Silver Public Forum Qualifying Tournaments 2017-18

Lincoln Douglas Debate Bid Tournaments 2017-18

Taipei American CP Wins The IPF TOC

Parker Whitfill Wins the TOC

Nueva MS Wins the Tournament Of Champions

LD NSDA National Tournament Card of the Day

Nationals PF Topic is East Africa

Nationals LD Topic is Civil Liberties and National Security

TOC Updates

Syosset Closes Out New York States

Curricular Components 3: All Things Elective

Parker Whitfill and Sekou Cisse Close Out the Harrison RR

The VBI AMA Is Live Now!

Academic Articles 1: Student Teaching

Curricular Components 2: Mentorship

Evan Engel Wins the Dukes and Bailey Cup

Shruthi Krishnan Wins NDCA

Blake Wins NDCA

Sam Bonham Explains the Value of VBI PF

Words of Wisdom 2: From Sophistry to Skepticism

Announcing the Victory Briefs AMA!

Curricular Components 1: Lab

Nina Potischman Wins the Penn Round Robin

NCFL Nationals LD Topic Announced

2017 PF At Larges Released

2017 LD At Larges Released

Rutgers NM Wins The NDT

PF Post-Season Cards of the Day

Millard North Closes Out Nebraska State

How to Maximize Your Time at Debate Camp!

The Nueva School Wins the King Round Robin

Sekou Cisse Wins the King Round Robin

Words of Wisdom: Plato Beyond the Platitudes by Marshall Thompson

Rutgers MN Wins CEDA

Greenhill Closes Out Second Year Woodward

Jonathan Cosgrove Wins First Year Woodward

Overview of 2017 Curriculum Updates—By Lawrence, Marshall, and SunHee

Introducing Curriculum Corner—By Marshall

Saavan Nanavati Wins TFA

David Min Wins Florida State

Evan Engel Wins Damus

Zane Encinas Wins SWSDI

April PF Topic is Electoral College

Chris Wang Wins Berkeley

Nueva Wins Berkeley

Millburn Wins Harvard

Jack Wareham and Nina Potischman Co-Champion Harvard

Valley Closes Out Millard North

Gillian Zipursky Wins the Harvard Round Robin

California Round Robin Finals (LD)

Mission San Jose Wins the Harvard Round Robin

California Round Robin Finals (PF)

Harvard Round Robin Finals

Evan Engel Wins Stanford

Oakwood Wins Stanford

Strath Haven Takes Penn

Kevin Li Wins Penn

Mission San Jose Dominates Golden Desert

Chaitanya Sayani Wins Golden Desert

Michael Kurian Wins Colleyville

March PF Topic is Two-State Solution

March April LD Topic is Housing

Hawken Wins The Barkley Forum

Alex Zhao Wins Emory

Zack Gelles Wins Columbia

Stuyvesant Wins Columbia

Intrinsic Skills and Non-Disclosure: A Reply to Bob by Rahul Gosain

Shruthi Krishnan Wins Harvard-Westlake

Javier Navarrete Wins Sunvite

Oliver Sussman and Nina Potischman Co-Champion Lex

American Heritage Wins Sunvitational

Niko Battle Wins Federal Way

Kenan Anderson Wins Minnesota State

Jack Wareham Wins the debateLA RR

Announcing the Argument Clinic Podcast!

Frances Zhuang Wins UPS

Katya Ehresman Wins Winston Churchill

Nueva Wins Arizona State University

Southlake Carroll Wins University of Houston

Raffi Piliero Wins Newark

Richard Cook Wins UH

Sekou Cisse Wins the Newark Round Robin

February PF Topic Announced!