Sitemap - 2013 - Victory Briefs

Not So Different From Substance: Two Theory Tips and the Theory Behind Theory

Chris Kymn Wins the 2013 CPS Tournament

Shawn Xiong Wins the 2013 Strake Jesuit Tournament

Ram Prasad Wins the 2013 Blake Tournament

Eric Hale Wins the 2013 Dowling Catholic Paradigm

Akhil Gandra Wins the University of Texas Longhorn Classic

Reasons to Attend VBI 2014... From Past Students

VBI 2014 Registration is Open. Locations Expand

Danny DeBois Wins the 2013 Glenbrooks Invitational

JP Stuckert Wins The Rex Fleming Memorial Tournament

The VBT: Registration is Open

Akhil Jalan Wins the 2013 Damus Hollywood Invitational

Danny Debois Wins the 2013 Apple Valley Minneapple

Announcing the Launch of

Attorney-Client Privilege In the News

Russell Brand: Guest Editor of The New Statesman

Attorney-Client Privilege In The News

Re-Conceptualizing our Performances: Accountability in Lincoln Douglas Debate

Andrew O'Donahue Wins 2013 New York City Invitational

Akhil Gandra Wins the 2013 St. Marks Invitational

Flashback: 2007 St. Marks Heart of Texas Invitational

Annie Kors Win Voices Educational Forum

Ram Prasad Wins the Voices Invitational

Travis Chen Wins Voices Round Robin

LD's Final Frontier- In Defense of the Kritik (2 of 2)

Matthew Meyer Wins Saint James

Nominations for Voices Educational Forum

Wake Forest Creates MPJ Policies to Help Address Exclusion & Diversity

Voices Foundation Round Robin Field

LD's Final Frontier: In Defense of the Kritik (1 of 2)

"Fast Talk" Movie Available for Preorder Oct 3.

November/December Resolution Released

Depression and an Invisible Community

Ram Prasad and Jake Steirn Win the Valley Round Robins

Andrew O'Donohue Wins the 2013 Yale Invitational

What is Fairness?

Shania Hunt Wins the 2013 Greenhill Fall Classic

Ram Prasad wins the 2013 Greenhill Round Robin

The Minneapple is Not Full! A Few Reminders Concerning the Registration Process

Jamie Hintson Wins the 2013 Wake Forest Invitational

Minneapple Tournament Seeking Judges

Akhil Jalan Wins the 2013 Loyola Invitational

Chloe Naguib Champions the 25th Annual Grapevine Classic

The Complete Foodie’s Guide to the Greenhill Fall Classic

Mr. Timmons Announces Greenhill Round Robin Participants

**SPOILERS** Breaking Bad - Final 3 Ep. Predictions

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Adam Tomasi Wins the Collegiate RR

A Plea

Live from the Collegiate Round Robin

VBD: Change your face. Enjoy it.

A Conversation in Ruins: Race and Black Participation in Lincoln Douglas Debate

Improving Tech Skills on Framework Part I

Why Speed Is Good For Public Speaking

NFL Adds Student Voting to LD Resolutions

L. Paul Strait Talks Metatheory, Practical Wisdom, and Pragma-Dialectics

VBI Family: Interview with Laith Shakir

Jacob Ross Talks Consequentialism, Skep Triggers, Moral Uncertainty, and "Intellectual Jiu-Jitsu"

2013-2014 TOC Qualifiers in LD

Where Do We Go From Here?

NFL Nationals: Extemporaneous Debate Results

Laith Shakir Wins NFL Nationals

Camp Topic Announced

2013-2014 LD Topic List

NFL Nationals: Breaks

Bill Batterman: BBQ in Birmingham

NFL Nationals: Debater Codes

CEDA/NDT Topic Committee Meetings Video

Bored in Birmingham: Places to Go and Things to See

NFL Nationals Topic Analysis Available

Moore Debate and Speech Team Needs Your Help

Rebecca Kuang wins the 2013 Tournament of Champions

2013 NFL Nationals Topics Announced

TOC Guide: Fifth on the Floor - The Best Band From Kentucky You've Never Heard

TOC Guide: Waffle House

Three Ways to Improve Your Politics DAs

Debate and the Virtue of Intellectual Integrity by Adam Torson

Debate Participation Survey

March/April LD and March PF Topic Analyses Released

Fear of Clash by Jake Nebel

March/April LD Topic: Humanitarian Intervention

March PF Topic: Health Insurance Mandate

Debaters Against Sexism: Taking a Stand

Three Ways to Improve Your Perceptual Dominance by Adam Torson

Protecting Persons, Not Positions by Rebekah Boyer

Frameworks Wide and Narrow (Part III) by Jake Nebel

Frameworks, Wide and Narrow (Part II) by Jake Nebel

Frameworks, Wide and Narrow (Part I) by Jake Nebel