Sitemap - 2020 - Victory Briefs

Five Trends Among E-Debate Competitors by Peter Zhang

Abhinav Sinha wins Strake

Cobin Szymanski wins Blake

Harker closes out College Prep

Arush Iyer wins Dowling Catholic

Harrison closes out Isidore Newman

Zachary Jones wins Ridge

Loyola closes out USC

Rhys Moon and Jocelyn Shek close out Alta

Giovanni Cutri wins Princeton

VBI 2021 Registration is Now Open!

Jan/Feb LD Topic is LAWS

Jan PF Topic is NSA Surveillance

Giovanni Cutri wins Glenbrooks

Yesh Rao wins the Tradition

Aseel Rawashdeh and Gordon Krauss Co-Champion Badgerland

Archit Kumar and Joey Georges Co-Champion Scarsdale

Abhived Pulapaka wins Seattle Academy

Ansh Sheth wins Damus

Ali Ahmad wins Minneapple

Andrew Gong wins Meadows

Zion Dixon wins Blue Key

Joey Georges wins the Florida Blue Key Round Robin

Abhinav Sinha wins Bronx

Joie Zhang wins JW Patterson

Meera Sehgal wins Nano Nagle RR

Harker closes out Nano Nagle

Varsha Gande wins Delores Taylor

Rebecca Anderson wins Holy Cross

Samantha McLoughlin wins Yale

Samantha McLoughlin wins the Mid America Cup

Ben Cortez wins Jack Howe

Elias Altman wins Duke

Ben Erdmann wins Greenhill

Zion Dixon and Abhinav Sinha co-champion Grapevine

Abby Morris wins the UK Season Opener

Jarvis Xie wins Loyola

Nov/Dec LD Topic is Jobs Guarantee

Nov/Dec PF Topic is No First Use

Sept/Oct LD Topic is Compulsory Voting

Sept/Oct PF Topic is Medicare For All

VBI 2020 Camp Topics Announced

Lincoln-Douglas Debate 2020-2021 Potential Topics and New Voting Procedure Announced

Miscellaneous Musings – NSDA Nationals 2020 Edition

Jo Spurgeon Wins NSDA Nationals

VBI Philadelphia and LA Session I Will Move Online, and Virtual Labs Added for LA Session II

Nats LD Topic is Intergenerational Wealth

PF Nats Topic is Charter Schools

Evan Li Wins the eTOC

Call for Volunteers!

Announcing the Next Off Podcast!

How to Cut a Card by Lawrence Zhou

VBI Adding Online Summer Session

April PF Topic is Military Presence

Rex Evans and Tej Gedela Close Out Stanford

Ujjwal Krishnamurthi Wins UNLV

Mar/Apr LD Topic is Predictive Policing

March PF Topic is Nuclear Energy

VBI 2020 Initial LD Staff List

Bennett Dombcik and Eric Gottlieb Co-Champion ASU

Angela Zhong and Andrew Qin Co-Champion UH

Feb PF Topic is UBI