Sitemap - 2019 - Victory Briefs

Two Dogmas of Fiat by Jacob Nails

Joanne Park Wins CPS

Jan/Feb LD Topic is Nukes

Jan PF Topic is Venezuela

Rex Evans Wins the Glenbrooks

Harrison AZ Wins the Minneapple RR

Enloe TG Wins the Blue Key RR

Harker KM wins Damus Hollywood Invitational

American Heritage PR wins Florida Blue Key

VBI 2020 Registration is Open!

Southlake Carroll TR wins Presentation Voices RR

Harvard Westlake SM wins 2019 Presentation Voices Invitational

Cypress Falls RK wins JW Patterson Invitational

Fighting for a Place in the Room by Sophie Blake

Derrida on Debate by Matthew Salah

Nov/Dec PF topic is Cybersecurity!

Nov/Dec LD Topic is Fossil Fuel Subsidies!

Cypress Falls RK wins Holy Cross!

Crescenta Valley AT wins 2019 Jack Howe Memorial!

American Heritage Plantation PB wins Mid America Cup

Oak Hall KZ wins the 2019 Greenhill Classic

Santa Monica RE wins Greenhill Round Robin

Success Academy TR wins Yale Invitational

Genericity on the Standardized Tests Resolution

Sept/Oct LD Topic is Standardized Tests

Sept/Oct PF Topic is BRI

An Open Letter About Subtle Sexism In Debate by Asher Bykov

VBI Staff Topic Recommendations

PF Application for Victory Briefs Squads is now Open!

Victory Briefs Squads is now accepting applications!

VBI 2019 PF Camp Topic Announced

VBI 2019 LD Camp Topics Announced

Grace Johannes Wins NSDA Nationals

Lincoln Douglas Topics List for 2019-2020

Lincoln-Sudbury CS is the 2019 NSDA PF Champion

Delbarton Wins Catholic Nationals

Maya Arora Wins NCFLs

Submit LD topic suggestions!

LD Bid Tournaments 2019-20

Gold PF Bid Tournaments 2019-20

Silver PF Bid Tournaments 2019-20

The 2019 Community Equity Scholarship is Live

Announcing the 2019 Community Equity Scholarship

Nats LD Topic is Violent Revolution

Nats PF Topic is Antitrust Regulations

Ishan Bhatt Wins the TOC

On Hypocritical Theory by Jake Nebel

Evan Li and Riya Ganpati Co-Champion the Harrison RR

Harvard-Westlake Closes Out NDCA

Benjamin Waldman and Michael Ning Close Out the Penn RR

Announcing The Inaugural Victory Briefs Little Questions Debate Invitational

2019 TOC At Large Acceptances Announced

The April PF Topic is India and the United Nations

Andrew Garber Wins Harvard

Vishan Chaudhary Wins Cal

Nueva Reclaims Berkeley

Poly Prep Reclaims Harvard

BASIS Peoria Wins the Milo Cup

Ben Lampman Wins Millard North

Ethan Massa Wins the Harvard RR

Alexandra Mork and Kumail Zaidi Co-Champion the Cal RR

President's Day Weekend PF Round Robin Updates

Harvard-Westlake Closes Out Stanford

Harrison Closes Out UPenn

Campbell Hall Wins Stanford

A Critique of Full Text Disclosure by Ishan Bhatt and Rex Evans

BASIS Peoria Wins Golden Desert

Kabir Dubey Wins UNLV

Mihir Rai Wins Colleyville

Mar/Apr LD Topic is Illegal Drugs

Mar PF Topic is Market Rate Housing

Anna Myers Wins Emory

Horace Mann Closes Out Columbia

Michael Ning Wins Columbia

Poly Prep wins the Barkley Forum

Rex Evans Wins Harvard-Westlake

David Edwards Wins Durham

Andrew Garber Wins Lex

Harvard-Westlake Closes Out the debateLA RR

Lake Mary Prep wins Sunvitational

Robbie Gillespie Wins Sunvite

Grayson Constantine and Andrew Qin Co-Champion UH

Niko Battle Wins Puget Sound

Sesh Joe Wins Winston Churchill

Cinco Ranch Wins UH

Mission San Jose Repeats ASU

Abhishek Rao Wins ASU

Sai Karavadi and Evan Li Close Out Newark

Rex Evans Wins the Lake Highland RR

Riya Ganpati Wins the Newark RR

Existential Bare Plurals and Quantifier Scope by Jake Nebel

The Feb PF Topic is Saudi Arms Sales