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Jan 2013 PF Topic Analysis Book Available

Jan/Feb 2013 LD Topic Analysis Available Now

Three Framework Arguments That Aren’t Worth Your Time

Rehab Topic Analysis Book (from 02/03) Available in VB Store

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Three Common Misunderstandings of Fiat

NFL Announces New Resolutions

Handicapping the Jan/Feb Resolution

December PF Topic Analysis Book Released

December Public Forum Topic Announced

November/December LD Topic Analysis Book Released

November PF Topic Analysis Book Released

Competition Theory In LD

New Topics Released

Three Things You Can Do To Improve Your Theory Debating

October Public Forum Topic Analysis Book Released

Three Things You Can Do To Improve Your 1ARs

Topic Analysis Books Released

Three Things You Can Do to Clean Up Messy Rounds

What's in Your Debate Bag?

Against Tabula Rasa, Part 3: Degrees of Belief

Against Tabula Rasa, Part 2: Arguments and Assumptions

Camper of the Day: Jhaelon Edwards

Against Tabula Rasa, Part 1: Is Everything Up for Grabs?

State of Debate Survey Results by Jake Nebel

The Myth of Debate Truthiness by Jake Nebel

Camper of the Day: Corbin Hopper

New Topics Released

Meet the Staff of Session II: JP Gooderham

Where the Argument Leads by Jake Nebel

Changing Our Minds by Jake Nebel

Three Ways to Improve Your On-Case Refutation by Adam Torson

Product Feature: The Lincoln-Douglas Debate Canon

Meet the Staff of Session II: Karlyn Gorski

The Strategic Value of True Arguments by Adam Torson

The Six Truths Judges Will Never Admit

Meet the Staff of Session II: Ryan Lawrence

Three Ways to Improve Your Efficiency in Rebuttals by Adam Torson

Meet the Staff of Session II: David McNeil

10 Things You Don't Know You're Doing That Really Annoy Your Judges

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Demo: Kuang vs. Tartakovsky

First Student Demo Debate

What's the Weirdest Thing YOU Brought to Camp?


Happy Birthday Mia Spigelman!

Dinner Time!

Meet Your VBI Staff!

Socratic Dialogue

Research is Fun!

Day One: Alive and Kicking

...So Now What?

Arrival Day!

VBI Session I Resolution: Healthcare

Gabe Bronshteyn is National Champion

3 Things To Take Away from Disappointment

Comments for the Circuit on the NCFL and NFL Nationals by Brad Taylor

Three Ways to Make the Most of Debate Camp by Adam Torson

Three Tips for Competing at NFL Nationals by Adam Torson

A Summer Debate Calendar by Stephen Babb

The Risk of Affirmative Overstretch by Stephen Babb

Why Local Tournaments Matter by Stephen Babb

Debate and the Virtue of Humility by Adam Torson

A Time for Plans by Stephen Babb

VBI Website - Maintenance

Three Ways to Improve Your Mental Game by Adam Torson

Where I'd Like to See CX Go by Stephen Babb

The Basics of Evidence Ethics by Adam Torson

Teaching Weakness: The Indulgent Logic of Mutual Judge Preferences by Stephen Babb

Three Ways to Improve Your Argument Comparison

The Basic Battle Lines of Metaethics (with complaints about mistaken appropriations of philosophical language) by Christian Tarsney

Where Philosophy Went Awry in Lincoln-Douglas Debate by Stephen Babb

Three Ways to Answer Skepticism

Affirmative Ethics Choice by Ryan Lawrence

The 5 Most Annoying Framework Arguments by Stephen Babb

Three Things You Can Do To Improve Your 2NR by Adam Torson

Thoughts on Necessary But Insufficient Burdens in LD by Ryan Lawrence

Targeted Killing & Backlash by Stephen Babb

Some Notes about Critiques in LD by Scott Phillips

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"Neg-Neg" in LD?

Three Things You Can Do To Improve Your Cross-Examination by Adam Torson

Judge Fatigue by Chris Theis

The Necessary but Insufficient Burdens of Self-Defense by Stephen Babb

When Is It Appropriate to Restart Speeches?

Three Things You Can Do To Improve Your Research by Adam Torson

Ranking Educational Objectives by Stephen Babb

Should Judges Time Rounds?

Respect: Part II By Chris Theis

Survey by Jake Nebel: The State of Debate

Paradigms and Principles: Are "I Meets" Always Terminal Defense?

Minimal Expectations for Clarity in LD by Jake Nebel

Respect: Part I by Chris Theis

Three Things You Can Do To Improve Your Standards Debating by Adam Torson

Stop Running "Deliberate" T by Stephen Babb

Paradigms and Principles: Offensive Arguments

9 Issues Facing the LD Community by Mike Bietz

VBT 2012: Lincoln-Douglas Results Packet

Stanford Seeks Hired Judges

Drew McCormick wins VBT 2012

February Public Forum Topic Book Released

Paradigms and Principles: A Round-Up

The View from Tab 50 is Released

Northwest Round Robin Field Report