Sitemap - 2022 - Victory Briefs

Tanya Wei and Wyeth Renwick co-champion Alta

Selena Teng wins Princeton

Viren Mehta wins TOC Digital I

Yesh Rao wins Glenbrooks

Shrey Raju wins Scarsdale

Maya Jen wins Damus

Aerin Engelstad wins Apple Valley

Jan/Feb LD Topic is Open Borders

Jan PF Topic is Armed Conflicts in West Asia

January/February 2023 LD Topic Roundtable

Ella Huang wins Cougar Classic

Justin Wen wins Blue Key

Anika Ganesh wins Meadows

Justin Wen wins St. Marks

Topicality and the China Topic

Harris Layson wins Bronx

Greenhill closes out JW Patterson

Jayden Bai and Karan Shah co-champion Yale

Ava Manaker wins Nano Nagle

Vishnu Nataraja wins Valley

Nov/Dec PF Topic is Great Power Competition

Nov/Dec LD Topic is Environmental Protection in China

Nathan Chu and Adam Mimou co-champion Jack Howe

Isidore Newman closes out Holy Cross

November/December 2022 LD Topic Roundtable

Karan Shah wins Greenhill

Strake Jesuit closes out Grapevine

Damien's Adam Mimou wins Loyola

Back to Basics: Case Writing—Part 1 by Lawrence Zhou

Larry Tech Tips: Mac Edition by Lawrence Zhou

Back to Basics: The Counterplan in Traditional LD by Lawrence Zhou

The Case for “Sample Ballots” for NSDA Nationals

VBI 2022 PF Philly Topic Announced

Public Forum Debate 2022-2023 Potential Topic Areas

Lincoln-Douglas Debate 2022-2023 Potential Topics

Miscellaneous Musings – NSDA Nationals 2022 Edition

8 Tips for In-Person NSDA Nationals by Lawrence Zhou

VBI Effective Altruism Scholarships

NSDA Nationals LD Topic is Social Justice

NSDA Nationals PF Topic is Trade with Taiwan

Max Perin wins the TOC

NCFLs LD Topic is Sovereignty and Human Rights

April PF Topic is Japan Article 9

Nathan Liu wins Millard North

Deven Shah wins Berkeley

Zion Dixon wins Harvard

Walk and Talk: Some Thoughts About Thinking About Debate Camp by Lawrence Zhou

Jay Namdhari wins Colleyville

Emma Blemaster wins Pennsbury

Strake Jesuit closes out Golden Desert

Go to Sleep by Lawrence Zhou

Yesh Rao wins Columbia

Brett Fortier wins Emory

Mar/Apr LD Topic is Free Press

March PF Topic is Organic Ag

Pranav Kaginele wins Peninsula

Yesh Rao and Shrey Raju co-champion Lexington

Anshul Reddy wins debateLA

Jarvis Xie and Siddhartha Rana co-champion UH

Anshul Reddy wins Harvard Westlake

Avik Agarwal wins Durham

Pranav Kaginele and Adam Mimou co-champion ASU

Graham Johnstone and Lydia Wang co-champion Puget Sound

Rhys Moon wins Newark

Roberto Sosa wins Sunvite

Nichole Poltinnikov wins North Allegheny

Raghav Gopalakrishnan wins Laird Lewis

Strake Jesuit closes out Churchill

Why Doc Formatting Matters by Lawrence Zhou