Sitemap - 2021 - Victory Briefs

Where Are They Now?: Debate Career Pathways

Daniel Xu wins Strake

Adam Mimou and Nathan Chu co-champion College Prep

Pranav Medikonduru wins Blake

Maya Lerman wins Ridge

Saranya Singh wins USC

Harrison closes out Isidore Newman

Aerin Engelstad wins Dowling

Daniel Bomberger and Anshul Gulati co-champion Alta

Elizabeth Yamamoto wins Princeton

Jet Sun wins UT

Zion Dixon and Leah Yeshitila co-champion Glenbrooks

Nathan Weimar and Nathan Liu co-champion Badgerland

American Heritage Broward closes out Cypress Bay

Health and Debate: Part I by Lawrence Zhou

Sophia Tian wins Apple Valley

Adam Mimou wins Damus

Deven Shah wins Heart of Texas

Sebastian Frazier wins Bronx

Elizabeth Elliott wins JW Patterson

Anshul Reddy wins Nano Nagle

Strake Jesuit closes out Holy Cross

Alyssa Makena and Pranav Kaginele co-champion Arthur

Agastya Sridharan wins Duke

Max Perin wins Valley

Aaron Zhang wins Jack Howe

Tommy Yu wins Yale

Zion Dixon wins Greenhill

Zion Dixon and Leah Yeshitila co-champion Grapevine

Viren Mehta wins UK

Jane Lichtman wins Loyola

Sept/Oct LD Topic is IP Protections

Sept/Oct PF Topic is NATO

VBI 2021 Camp Topics Announced

Lincoln-Douglas Debate 2021-2022 Potential Topics

Public Forum Debate 2021-2022 Potential Topic Areas & Resolutions

Miscellaneous Musings - NSDA Nationals 2021 Edition

Katie Jack Wins NSDA Nationals

The Case for Post-Round Oral Disclosure Redux by Lawrence Zhou

Post-COVID Debate: What to Expect by Serena Mao

PF Nats Topic is Social Media

LD Nats Topic is Public Health

Zion Dixon wins the Tournament of Champions

Equity in Public Forum Debate: A Critique of Theory

Harker closes out the NDCA

Against Dogmatism In Debate by Joanne Park and Pacy Yan

The NCFL LD Topic is Electoral College

Samantha McLoughlin wins the King Round Robin

2021 TOC At Large Acceptances Announced

Deven Shah wins Heart of Texas

April PF Topic is IMF

Anshul Reddy wins Cal

Ali Ahmad wins Harvard

Austin Li wins UPenn

Samantha McLoughlin wins Stanford

Andrew Gong wins the Barkley Forum

Joey Georges wins Golden Desert

Brett Fortier wins Columbia

March PF Topic is Space Force

Mar/Apr LD Topic is Universal Child Care

Ben Erdmann wins Peninsula

Disclosure in Numbers by Peter Zhang

Akshay Manglik wins Harvard Westlake

Ben Erdmann wins debateLA

Abhinav Sinha wins University of Houston

Strake Jesuit closes out Lexington

Lilly Broussard wins Durham

Philimon Yosafat and Ritvik Sriram co-champion ASU

Giovanni Cutri wins Newark

Jarvis Xie and Sebastian Cho co-champion Winston Churchill

Raaiqa Zahid wins Laird Lewis

Lexington closes out Sunvite

The Dangers of Theory in Public Forum Debate by Nina Potischman and Nate Odenkirk

Feb PF Topic is West Africa