Sitemap - 2018 - Victory Briefs

Book Club: December 2018 – Cognitive Biases

Two Cents: The February PF Topic Wordings

Rex Evans Wins CPS

Cinco Ranch Wins the Strake RR

Sesh Joe and Grayson Constantine Close Out the Strake RR

Tej Gedela Wins Strake

Greenhill Closes Out Blake

Stuyvesant Wins Blake

Why Debates Should be Comprehensible by Josh You

Valley Closes Out Dowling

Newark Closes Out Ridge

Bettendorf Wins Dowling

Dulles and Kempner Close Out Isidore Newman

Ishan Bhatt Wins Isidore Newman

Sesh Joe and Tate Weston Close Out UT

Campbell Hall Wins La Costa Canyon

Cranbrook Wins GMU

Acton-Boxborough Wins Princeton

Andrew Goldberg Wins Princeton

Kristen Arnold Wins Alta

Mission San Jose Wins Alta

Jan/Feb LD Topic is Military Aid

The January PF Topic is Debt v Growth

The Case for Orally Disclosing Decisions by Lawrence Zhou

Ishan Bhatt Wins Glenbrooks

Bronx Science Wins The Glenbrooks

Theis T(h)ursday: Decision Times

Book Club: November 2018 - International Relations

Amanda Ciocca and Ethan Massa Close Out the Tradition RR

Dulles CL and Cinco Ranch RT Co-Champion Katy Taylor

Claire Liu and Lindsey Perlman Close Out Scarsdale

Conal Thomas-McGinnis Wins Badgerland

Ethan Massa Wins The Tradition

Theis T(h)ursday: Changing Affirmative Speech Times

Harvard-Westlake Closes Out Damus

Ishan Bhatt and Sai Karavadi Close Out Apple Valley RR

Ishan Bhatt Wins Apple Valley

College Prep School Wins Minneapple

VBI 2019 Registration Opens Today!

Kumail Zaidi Wins Blue Key

Harvard-Westlake Closes Out Meadows

Lake Highland Prep Wins Blue Key

Ben Thomas Wins Patterson

Book Club: October 2018 - Racial Justice

Corona Del Sol Wins Bronx

Cinco Ranch Wins Bellaire

Ari Davidson Wins St. Marks

Lindsey Perlman and Julia Wu Close Out Bronx

Ronak Ahuja Wins the Voices RR

Rex Evans Wins Voices

Archbishop Mitty Wins Presentation

Nov/Dec LD Topic is Right to Know

Nov/Dec PF Topic is Price Controls

Two Cents: The November-December PF Topic Wordings

Ishan Bhatt Wins Holy Cross

The Importance of Being Inclusive by David McKay

Matthew Paul Wins Long Beach

Ethan Massa Wins Valley

Sachin Shah Wins the Valley RR

Victory Briefs Squads Announcement

Book Club: September 2018

Spencer Paul Wins Greenhill

Animesh Joshi Wins Yale

Bronx Science Wins Yale

Jaya Nayar Wins the Greenhill Round Robin

The 2018-19 LD Bid List is Live!

Ronak Ahuja Wins Loyola

Ames & Theodore Roosevelt Take Titles at UK Season Opener

Maya Arora and Nehal Chigurupati Co-Champion UK

Plano West Wins Grapevine

Simone Braithwaite Wins Byram

Greenhill Closes Out Grapevine

Tajaih Robinson Wins the Byram RR

Preparing for the Season: An Interview with Sekou Cisse

Announcing the Victory Briefs Book Club!

LD Card of the Day is Back!

PF Card of the Day is Back!

What’s in Your Debate Bag? 2018 Edition

Tiffany Chang Wins VBI LA I

Sept/Oct PF Topic is UNCLOS

Sept/Oct LD Topic is Reporters

Find Your Squad with Victory Briefs

David Edwards Wins VBI Philadelphia

Two Cents: The September-October PF Topic Wordings

VBI 2018 PF Camp Topic Announced

Miscellaneous Musings - 2018 NSDA Nationals Edition

VBI 2018 LD Camp Topics Announced

Lincoln Douglas Topics List for 2018-2019

Ishan Bhatt Wins NSDA Nationals

(Updated 6/20 at 5:00PM) LD Wording Committee Releases Second Round of Topic Drafts, Seeks Input

(Updated) LD Wording Committee Releases First Round of Topic Drafts, Seeks Input

NSDA Nationals LD Codes

Insights in Instruction: Teaching Top and Novice Lab with Marshall Thompson

Anthony Berryhill Wins The 26th Annual Great American Think-Off

Lincoln Douglas Debate Bid Tournaments 2018-19

Gold Public Forum Qualifying Tournaments 2018-19

Silver Public Forum Qualifying Tournaments 2018-19

Preparing for Nationals: An Interview with a National Champion

Curricular Components 7: Dine With Two Minds

Community Equity Scholarship Recipients Announced

Insights in Instruction: Teaching Top Lab with Devane Murphy

Eva Lamberson Wins NCFLs

Oxbridge Wins Catholic Nationals

Packing For Debate Camp: An Interview with VBI Staffers

VBI Announces Urban Debate Partnership

PF Interview #2: Maya Waterland and Krithika Shamanna

How to Prep for Tournaments: Before, During, and After By Raffi Piliero

2018 NSDA Nationals PF Topic Announced

2018 NSDA Nationals LD Topic Announced

Brian Zhou Wins the TOC

Newton South GS Wins the Tournament of Champions

PF Interview #1: Laurenn Vives and Megan Munce

Reed Weiler and Mina Lee Co-Champion the Harrison RR

2018 NCFL Nationals PF Topic Announced

Blake Wins the PF Team of Excellence

Shruthi Krishnan Wins NDCA

Altamont Wins NDCA

Brianna Aaron Wins the Dukes & Bailey Cup

Andrew Garber Wins the Penn RR

Negative Strategy – How to Make the 1AR a Nightmare by Raffi Piliero

2018 NCFL Nationals LD Topic Announced

2018 PF At-Larges Announced

2018 LD At-Larges Announced

Presentation Wins the King RR

Rex Evans Wins the King RR

The Case for Novice Packets by Lawrence Zhou

#DebateToo: A Plea for Integrity by Nina Potischman

2017-18 Bid Statistics

Harvard-Westlake Closes Out USC

Matthew Chen Wins TFA State

Charles Flanagan Wins Florida State

Ari Azbel and Julia Wu Close Out Florida State

Upward Trajectory: How to Improve Quickly by Raffi Piliero

Two Cents: The April PF Topic Wordings

Carly Rieger Wins Millard North

Indu Pandey Wins Berkeley

Millburn Wins Berkeley

Plano West Wins Harvard

Ishan Bhatt and Sekou Cisse Co-Champion Harvard

Rohith Mandavalli and Shruthi Krishnan Win the Cal RR

Ishan Bhatt Wins the Harvard RR

PF Round Robin Updates

The Community Equity Scholarship is Live

Mission San Jose Wins Stanford

Whit Jackson Wins Stanford

Lauren Cole Wins Penn

Millburn Wins Penn

Indu Pandey Wins Golden Desert

Corona Del Sol wins Golden Desert

Dhruva Mambapoor Wins Colleyville

Announcing the Community Equity Scholarship

Mar/Apr LD Topic is UBI

March PF Topic is AUMF

Community Resolution #5: Race in Debate by Sunhee Simon

Two Cents: The March PF Topic Wordings

Kayla Garcia Wins Lewis and Clark

Charles Flanagan Dominates Emory

Shruthi Krishnan Wins Emory

Community Resolution #4: Gender in Debate by Sunhee Simon

Viren Abhyankar Wins Peninsula

Kevin Li Wins Columbia

Newton South Closes Out Columbia

Community New Year’s Resolution #3: Lone Wolves by Sunhee Simon

Ronak Ahuja Wins Harvard-Westlake

Strath Haven Wins Lexington

Charles Flanagan Wins Sunvitational

Matthew Chen Wins Lex

Josh Gavsie Wins Sunvite

Anna Marsicano Wins Durham

Shruthi Krishnan Wins the debateLA RR

Chakra Jonnalagadda Wins UH

Kenan Anderson Wins Minnesota State

Cinco Ranch and Strake Co-Champion UH

Community New Year’s Resolution #2: PF + LD Solidarity by Sunhee Simon

Mission San Jose wins ASU

Dan Taro Wins ASU

Frances Zhuang Wins Puget Sound

Rishabh Shah Wins Winston Churchill

Ryan Hemnarine Wins Newark

Matthew Chen Wins the LHPS RR

Danny DeBois Wins the 2018 WUDC

Community New Year’s Resolution #1: Mental health by Sunhee Simon

Lake Highland Announces LHPS Round Robin Field

A Lost Art: The Issue Summary Speech in PF Debate By Abe Fraifeld