Sitemap - 2016 - Victory Briefs

Lavanya Singh Wins CPS

Muhammad Khattak Wins the Strake Round Robin

Alex Zhao Wins Blake

Walt Whitman Wins Blake

Muhammad Khattak Wins Strake

Millburn Wins the Ridge Debates

Ashish Wadhwani Wins Isidore

Lauren Cole Wins Ridge

Valley Closes Out Dowling

Bronx Science Claims the Princeton Classic

Raffi Piliero Wins Princeton

Klein Wins UT Austin

Green Valley Wins Alta

Richard Cook Wins UT

Evan Engel Wins Alta

Harvard College World Schools Invitational

January PF Topic Announced!

Jan/Feb LD Topic Announced!

VBI 2017 Registration is Now Open!

Evan Engel Wins the Glenbrooks

Blake Takes the Glenbrooks

VBI 2017 Dates and Locations Announced

Charles Flanagan Wins The Tradition

Pembroke Pines Closes Out Crestian

Ashwin Bhat Wins Central Valley

Mission San Jose Sweeps Presentation

Millard North Closes Out Badgerland

Raffi Piliero and Chris Sun Co-Champion Scarsdale

Katya Ehresman Wins The Hockaday Round Robin

Peninsula Closes Out Damus

Oliver Sussman Wins the Mineapple Round Robin

Flanagan Storms the Nova Titan

James Madison Wins Apple Valley

Oliver Sussman Wins Mineapple

New December PF Resolution Released

David Min Wins Blue Key

Mission San Jose Wins University of the Pacific

Durham Academy Wins Blue Key

Newton South Closes Out Manchester

Indu Pandey Wins Meadows

Sekou Cisse and Camille Caldera Co-Champion Beltway

Poly Prep Claims the Beltway

Southlake Carroll and Klein Co-Champion Bellaire

Jack Wareham Wins Bronx

Hunter Wins Big Bronx

Richard Cook Wins St Marks

Fairmont Prep Wins Cal State Fullerton

Jack Wareham Wins the Bronx RR

Newton South Wins the Big Apple Bronx Round Robin

Srivatsav Pyda Wins Voices

Lavanya Singh and Jonas Le Barillec Co-Champion the Voices RR

Potomac Wins Georgetown

Logan Reed Wins St. James!

Broad resolutions make for bad PF debate

Mission San Jose Wins Harker

Murrah Wins Holy Cross

Lucas Clarke Wins Holy Cross

Brianna Aaron Wins the Holy Cross Round Robin

New Topics Announced!

2016 Florida Blue Key Registration and Round Robin Application

La Salle Wins CSU Long Beach

Eagan Claims The Mid-America Cup

Jack Wareham and Nina Potischman Co-Champion Valley

Jack Wareham wins the Valley Round Robin

Ishan Bhatt wins the Valley Sophomore Throw-Down

Oliver Sussman Wins Yale

Raffi Piliero Wins Greenhill

Ardrey Kell Closes Out Yale

Raffi Piliero Wins The 2016 Greenhill Round Robin

Rankings Updated for 2016-2017

The Argument Clinic

Jack Wareham Wins The 2016 Loyola Invitational

Matt Gofman Wins The 2016 Wake Forest National Earlybird

Raffi Piliero Wins The 2016 Byram Hills Invitational

Katherine Fennel Wins The 2016 Byram Hills Round Robin

Shruthi Krishnan Wins The 2016 Grapevine Classic

Hockaday Women's RR Update

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Watch VBI LA Session II PF Finals

VBI Session II September/October Topic Analysis

September/October Resolutions Announced

VBI LA Session II Topic Update

VBI Resolutions Announced

Bennett Eckert Wins the 2016 NSDA National Tournament

Final LD Topic List for 2016-2017 Released

LD Committee Releases Final 17 Topics, Seeks Input.

LD Wording Committee Releases Rough List of Topics Under Consideration for 2016-2017

New Evidence on Gender Disparities in Competitive High School Lincoln-Douglas Debate

A Statistical Analysis of the Gender Gap by Ariel Shin

Winning Season for VBI Family

Harvard-Westlake's Nick Steele Wins TOC

Bennett Eckert Wins NDCA Nationals and the Dukes and Bailey Cup

Philosophy and Oppression by Shrey Desai

Accepted TOC At-Large Bids Announced

Good luck to VBI alumni and instructors competing at CEDA & NDT!

Marshall's Curious Convictions on Camp Curricula

April PF Practice Cases

Moral Hedging by Noah Simon and Jack Wareham

John Overing Wins Golden Desert

March PF Practice Cases: Okinawa

Graham Baker Wins Emory

Neal Kapoor Wins Lexington

Harvard Westlake Round Robin: Live Updates

Sean McCormick Wins Sunvite

Harvard Seeks Judges

Reese Grayson Wins Churchill

Wesley Hu Wins Newark

Dino DeLaO wins UH

Neal Kapoor Wins the Sunvite Round Robin

Amit Kukreja Wins Ridge

Amit Kukreja Wins the Byram Hills Round Robin

Amit Kukreja Wins the Newark Round Robin

VBI 2016: Initial Faculty Lists Posted!

February PF Practice Cases

Penn PF Round Robin