Sitemap - 2015 - Victory Briefs

Trinity Prep Seeks Director of Forensics

Ashish Wadhwani Wins Isidore Newman

VBI 2016 Registration Now Open

Sean McCormick Wins UT

Harvard Westlake Closes Out Alta

The January/February LD Topic is Guns, PF is Russian Sanctions

Bennett Eckert Wins Glenbrooks

VBI 2016 Dates & Locations Announced

Neal Kapoor Wins Scarsdale

Coming Soon: VBI 2016 Dates and Locations

PF Topic Analysis by Ben Brazelton

Shivane Sabharwal Wins Bronx

Greenhill Closes out St. Marks

Hockaday Women’s Round Robin Invitation

Amit Kukreja Wins the Bronx Round Robin

November/December LD Brief Now Available

November PF brief now available

Alex Zhao Wins Voices

Conor Downey wins Saint James

Basics of LD Theory by Jackson Lallas

Noah Simon Wins the Voices Round Robin

Breann Smith Wins Holy Cross

Sean Fahey Wins the Holy Cross Round Robin

November PF is Humanitarian Needs of Refugees

November/December LD is Jury Nullification

Nina Potischman Wins Valley

Nina Potischman Wins the Valley Round Robin

Muhammad Khattak Wins the Sophomore Throw Down

Voices Seeks Judges

Florida Blue Key Registration and Round Robin Application

Apply for the 2015–16 Victory Briefs Writing Fellowship

Philosophy for Whom? by Isis Davis-Marks

Cameron Cohen wins Greenhill

Nina Potischman Wins Yale

Greenhill Closes Out the Greenhill Round Robin

Subscribe to the PF Card of the Day!

Tournament Contact Spreadsheet by Kim Hsun

Thank you, VBI 2015 students and faculty!

LD Bid Tournament Logistics 15-16

Introducing by Paras Kumar

2015-2016 Topic Brief Subscriptions Available

Sep/Oct 2015 LD topic is autonomous medical choices, PF is reparations

VBI 2015 Topics Announced

2015-2016 LD Topic List

2015 National Speech & Debate Tournament

Joey Schnide Wins 2015 NCFL Championship

NSDA Nationals LD and PF Briefs Now Available

Apply for the 2015 Valley Sophomore Round Robin

Registration For VBI Los Angeles Re-opened

NSDA Nationals Topics Announced

Pranav Reddy Wins the 2015 Tournament of Champions

Miscellaneous Thoughts from the Disorganized Mind of Marshall Thompson

Newark Science Closes Out Harrison Round Robin

VBI LA now full, sign up for waiting list

Arjun Tambe Wins the Dukes and Bailey Cup

Pranav Reddy Wins 2015 NDCA National Championship

Rahul Gosain Wins the 2015 Penn Round Robin

First Wave of TOC At-large Qualifiers Announced in LD and PF

Akhil Gandra Wins the 2015 Kandi King Round Robin

Nina Kalluri Wins the Hockaday Women's Round Robin

Colten White Wins the 2015 Nebraska State Championship

There Is Now a Waiting List for VBI's Chicago LD Session

Grace Kim Wins Western JV National Championship

Marlborough and Harvard-Westlake Close Out Woodward

Announcing the Kandi King Round Robin Field

Theory, Performance, and Community Norms by Joey Schnide

Connor Davis Wins 2015 SWSDI Tournament

Derek Brown Wins North Carolina State Championships

Varun Bhave Wins the 2015 USC Trojan Championships

Bennett Eckert Wins 2015 TFA State

A Defense of Reasonability by Noah Simon

TOC At-Large Applicants

Sean Fahey and Kayla Soren Co-Champion Vestavia

The Priority of Resolutional Semantics by Jake Nebel

David Branse Wins the 2015 Harvard Invitational

Newark Science Closes Out 2015 Berkeley Invitational

Akhil Jalan and SunHee Simon Co-Champion the Cal Round Robin

Adam Tomasi Wins the 2015 Harvard Round Robin

Living for a Wage: An Overview of the Capitalism K by Sean Fahey

Dropped Arguments Are Not True Arguments by Jacob Nails

Peninsula Closes Out Stanford

Newark Science Closes Out Scarsdale

Why Circuit Debaters Should Conquer NSDA Nationals

Harvard Tournament Seeking Judges

Kathryn Kenny Wins the Derby City RR

Jackson Lallas Wins 2015 Golden Desert

March PF Topic is Free Community College

March/April LD Topic is Food Security

Bennett Eckert Wins Colleyville

Waging Half the War

Announcing the Hockaday Women's Round Robin by Jordan Innerarity

Varad Agarwala Wins the 2015 Barkley Forum

Ben Laufer Wins the 2015 Columbia Invitational

VBI Public Forum: Initial Hires

VBI Faculty Update

Noah Haselow Wins the 2015 Wisconsin State Tournament

Tinuola Dada Wins Federal Way

Peninsula Closes Out Lexington

Arvind Veluvali Wins the 2015 Minnesota State Tournament

Opponent-Adjusted Performance Score: An Alternative to Speaker Points as the First Tiebreaker

Kathryn Kenny Wins 2015 Newark Invitational

Varun Bhave Wins the 2015 Sunvitational

Noah Simon Wins 2015 Puget Sound

Millard North Closes Out 2015 Westside

VBI 2015 Faculty Update

Why Debaters Should Record Their Rounds by Amyn Kassam

Three Ways to Defuse Skepticism by Shrey Desai

The 4-2 Screw by Breann Smith

Pranav Reddy Wins Harvard-Westlake

Akhil Gandra Wins the 2015 Cougar Classic

Greenhill Closes Out 2015 Debate.LA Challenge

I Love Locals by Jake Mazeitis

Why VBI: Multiple Camps

The Reverse Voting Issue in LD Debate by Paras Kumar

Why VBI: Alumni Success in 2014